In Son Barbut we support the main associates of sustainable development in our projects. We consider sustainability to be the key element to ensuring that tourism continues to be a driving force in the economy. For this reason, we work towards continual improvement, with the aim to guarantee the future with a responsible use of resources.

In fact, all of the agricultural holding undertaken is ecological, disregarding pesticides and chemical manures and opting for the regeneration, composting, bio-ecology, and use of organic manure that does not jeopardize the hydrological and natural resources of the area or for the future of the next generations. All of this has always resulted in a product of excellence, which can be appreciated in the flavour and quality of the fruit that the land blesses us with.

At our facilities we opt for the use of renewable energy, to the greatest possible extent, and for all our provisions. If it has ever proven impossible to be self-sufficient, then it is something that we have in mind as one of our challenges to tackle in the immediate future. Accordingly, and in line with this philosophy, we encourage energy efficiency and moderate consumption of the water resources available to us, though without sacrificing the level of comfort offered.


Energy and climate change

  • The energy used is solar, except for hot water and heating, which work with a boiler and the water comes from the water deposits in the area, which is transported to the estate
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Waste management is undertaken in line with local standards, supporting recycling schemes and the use of organic waste.
  • We offer our guests the possibility of sending an invoice by e-mail.
  • We offer our guests a separate waste collection service 


  • Use in the development of ecological products.


  • For safety reasons pets are not permitted, as they may endanger other animals on the estate. bonuses Mobile Sky Bet app.